Slime Pre Play Lotion & Activator Bundle

Slime Pre Play Lotion & Activator Bundle

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Before you commence play it's important to lubreacte your hands to avoid 'the stick' so we've have just that, a fruity scented lotion.

Activator is a mild borax formula that changes the structor of the glue to slime. Slime can 'dissolve' during transit from us to you, a few spritzes of this activator solution and you should be go to play!

Step 1: Apply "Pre Play Lotion" all over hands as you would to wash your hands with soap. 

Step 2: Remove slime from jar into one hand, spray slime with "Activator" using other hand then start to work the slime with both hands. Slime should become less sticky and more workable. Use more activator as needed.