Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads // 3 Sets

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Nursing pads don't have to be boring or worse itchy!  

These breastpads are super soft, breathable and get softer with each wash! 

Inside each nursing pad are 4 layers, a single layer of terry, a double layer of super absorbent terry, a layer of waterproof fabric (PUL) and a pretty and fun cotton design on the outer layer. 

Choose from our range of beautiful designs which are eco-friendly and machine washable.

Approx 11cm in size or 4.3" wide

Simply put your nursing pads in a wash bag with like colours. 
When you receive your order, we recommend that you wash them before use, as they become more absorbent with each wash.


Please specify 3 designs at checkout, if I can't get in contact with you I'll pick 3 designs for you.