Crystal Discovery Kit – Gems and Poster by Growing Kind

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Featuring 30+ stones and an accompanying identification poster, this kit is the perfect gift and activity for promoting mindfulness and calm. 

Matching the stones to the poster promotes the improvement of visual memory and logical thinking amongst children. They’re able to get creative and artistic with, improving their concentration and learning more about their various origins. 

These crystals for kids come in an eco cylinder for safe storage. Varieties are different in each kit. Not every rock featured on the poster on display will be included. 

The double-page spread is from the book “How to Be a Wildflower” by Katie Daisy.

To support a budding mineralogist, also check out The Crystal Bible, which is the perfect starter guide to all stones and their properties. 

Play with them, learn about them or create artistic masterpieces – these beauties are perfect for every child. And who knows, maybe while playing with them they decide they want to become a mineralogist. 

This kit is recommended for children of 5 years +.

Please supervise all children as small stones may cause a choking hazard.