Colours & Shapes Flash Cards

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Give your child a solid foundation in their education and inspire a lifelong love of learning through an exploration of colours and shapes. Learn the colours, the basics of the colour wheel and even mixing colours. Eleven colours in total plus 14 shapes ranging from a circle, square and triangle, to a star, crescent and rhombus.

Designed to be used with babies as a simple but fun introduction to colours and shapes, to toddlers and school-aged children.

What’s included?
26 double-sided cards plus cover, including:

  • 11 x double-sided colour cards
  • 1 x colour wheel and mixing colours card
  • 14 x double sided shape cards


  • Colour recognition
  • First colours and shapes
  • Learning the colour wheel, including primary and secondary colours
  • Learning how to mix basic colours
  • Learning basic and more complex shapes and patterns

Created by a mum and a graphic designer, they have been designed in high contrast monochrome and colour for maximum impact and visual stimulation. The set contains 26 double-sided designs. With only one colour/shape per card, your little one will be able to focus, concentrate and engage without unnecessary distractions.

The back of each colour card are perfect for the youngest of visual learners and feature the highlighted colour as a gradual gradient from light to dark (eg light pink to dark pink). The back of each shape cards features a fun, high contrast pattern of each shape. This side is perfect for the visual development of newborns and young babies.